Marion Childress Bio

Founder – Marion Childress

US Army Retired First Sergeant 23 year military service – Heavy Artillery

Working for Department of Veterans Affairs 21 years

Married August 1972 to Irene

2 amazing adult young men and many grandchildren

Children International Sponsor of 2 children

Proud Foster parents

Born again in 1992

Running for 45+ years, racing competitively for 35 years

First Race Fort Campbell 10 miler 22 Oct. 1983

922 official races with a goal of 1000 lifetime

Cancer Survivor- Battle 2012, Remission in 2015

Streak in pushups and sit ups daily since 1999

30 Marathons and 41 Half Marathons

                                                  Ultra Marathon-50k, Frosty 50k-NC


Favorite races- Blue Ridge Marathon running every event since its creation but missed the 8th due to injury. The Secretary and Coordinator presented me with the 8th Finishers Medal (2017) for support of this great event.

Drumstick Dash every event -12 appearances

Spooky Sprint every event

Urban Challenge (WazUpwitdis) every event

Richmond Marathon- 10 appearances

Christmas Eve Fun Run- running every event- Event Director C&C Runner Mike Morris

Member: C&C Runners, National Black Marathoners Association(NBNA) Marathon Maniacs, Half Fanatics, Double Agent, Star City Striders , Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke (VIPR), Franklin County Shine Runners, Blacksburg Striders, Team RWB

Winner of Mizuno Power to Inspire Award, one of 5 National winners 2015

Honored as the Unofficial Running Ambassador of the Roanoke Valley in 2014

Nominated in 2016 for the Mizuno Power to Inspire Award

There were 11 nominated for this great honor of the Mizuno Power to Inspire. I must say that every fish brags on its own pond, of the 11 nominees selected 7 were C&C Runners and another of the 11 joined the team later, Pam Rickard went on to be selected as this year’s Mizuno Power to Inspire National winner, a C&C Runner and Director of the Famed Herren Project changing thousands of lives. What an amazing tribute to the C&C passion, commitment to a healthy lifestyle and plenty of inspiration flowing through the Roanoke Valley Star City of the South.

So many more of the team out there coaching, mentoring and working to make us the movement that is changing lives for the better in so many ways. We want to join our teammate the Mayor of Running Bart Yasso in his goal to reach a million lives.

Marion Childress C&C Runner #1/ Founder