Established:  April 01, 2010

C&C Runners was born…

C&C Runners (Childress & Crew Runners) was born in 2010 out of a dream of creating a group of runners of all skill levels who support each other’s passion for running. Marion Childress and Chad Coleman were training and racing together nearly every weekend and found that a team concept in the Roanoke Valley was not available at the time. In 2010, Marion and Chad decided to establish a team that embodies a family based concept that supports runners who have to juggle the responsibilities of their everyday lives with their passion for the sport of running! Marion and Chad believed that the Roanoke Valley needed a thriving new organization that was welcoming and didn’t require annual fees or mandatory meetings to feel like a part of a team.

While Chad has moved on to other endeavors, Marion has remained as the C&C team member’s greatest personal running supporter, encouraging all members to run to their own potential and personal enjoyment level.  Since the beginning, Marion has believed that wearing singlets donned with the name “C&C Runners” would embody pride and determination in its team members. Though not required, it is encouraged to wear the logo because it seems to bring confidence to our members and a contagious joy that is seen throughout the Roanoke Valley and anywhere other people see our team name. Whenever we hear someone yell, “GO C&C!” it makes us smile….and we are fueled with even more desire to do well in our running endeavors.  Check out Team Logo for more information on our site.   The first race in which the C&C logo was worn was the Mad Dash at Greenhill Park on May 8th, 2010.  To date, C&C runners have participated in more than 1000 official races in distances from 800 meters to the ultra-marathon!

Our purpose…

The purpose of the team is to support each other in our pursuit of fitness, offering an outlet for our passion of running and Walking.

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