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Hello Runners,

The Eastbay singlets that we used as the team colors are changing too often to go with the same team colors. You can purchase any color singlet, tees or Tri wear that you like and I will have the logo placed on them by a sweet lady Miss Rachel Ayers for $3.   A few examples are posted below of what I use for both racing and training. The logo is never mandatory but makes for a great statement of us as a great team and passionate group of runners. We have a lot of exposure due to recent wins and participation in some tough races, local and out-of-state. The logo is seen out-of-town and questions are asked as to who we are.

Rachel Ayers & Marion Childress

I would like to encourage everyone to have at least one singlet/ tee for the races and team competitions with the logo. I do understand that some runners have other teams and groups that they represent. I have membership in the Marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic groups and wear the gear occasionally as well as several other maniacs, fanatics on the team. I somehow either wear a hat or place the logo on the back, some way to display the team logo. Wear what you feel great in. I am a firm believer in that “if you look good you feel good”!!

Rachel’s Tees is no longer located at 2912 Williamson Road. She has closed the store and now is working from her home. She can be reached by calling her cell 540-871-5665 for coordination and please check to make sure that she has the color of the lettering that you desire. Those local and out of town can mail to me or meet me at a race or group run and I can have the shirts done for you. Rachel Ayers has done close to 3000 shirts, jackets, hats, singlets and other items with the logo since 2010.

By the way remind me to get the C&C wristband to you if I haven’t already!!! Not mandatory to wear just something to remind us of the team and to identify us in racing individually. I have both the blue and pink in small, medium and large. Thanks to all that donated and made these available to our team.

Note: The singlets and tees pictured below are examples of the colors we use.  Feel free to purchase your own tee in any color.

Marion Childress



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