Our membership is now at 1,105 runners/walkers and 76 pets and we continue to grow. We are proud to celebrate our 54 Veterans that are in the membership. Salute!!  

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All of our members represent C&C Runners with great sportsmanship and support one another in training and in running races!

WELCOME our new member(s) and pet(s) for the months of July through August:


September 2019

  • Dezaray Allaire (C&C Runners #1083)
  • Maverick Tom Erwin (C&C Runners #1084)
  • Sara Harmon (C&C Runners #1085)
  • Allison Hart (C&C Runners #1086)
  • Tabasan Veligano (C&C Runners #1087)
  • Rachel Williamson Devaughn (C&C Runners #1088)
  • Angi McPeak (C&C Runners #1089)
  • Erin Allen (C&C Runners #1090)
  • Richie Lane (C&C Runners #1091)
  • Stephanie McCoy (C&C Runners #1092)
  • Stella McCoy (C&C Pet #75)

October 2019

  • Vickie Turner (C&C Runners #1093)
  •  Daniel Tuck (C&C Runners #1094)
  • Ashley Watkins (C&C Runners #1095)
  • Leigh Giles-Brown (C&C Runners #1096)
  • Laurel Wade (C&C Runners #1097)
  • Queeny N. Chenge (C&C Runners #703)
  •  Virginia Ginny Carr (C&C Pet #76)
  • Roderic Johnson (C&C Runners #1098)
  • Vivah Jepkorir (C&C Runners #1099)
  • Cleophas Ngetich (C&C Runners #1100)
  • Debra Speaker (C&C Runners #1101)
  • Jane Harding (C&C Runners #1102)
  • Steven Messamore (C&C Runners #1103)
  • Michele Wagner (C&C Runners #1104)
  • Wyatt Shrader (C&C Runners #1105)

Our membership is growing and growing.  We have team members local and out-of-town and some are even in other countries.  Check out our team roster.

C&C Runners Serving Our Country:

We are proud to have several members who have or are serving our country.

Runners in Other Countries

Also, we have members running in other countries representing C&C Runners.

Mayor of Running

Mayor of Running, Bart Yasso (C&C Runner 415),  is also a member of the C&C Runners team.  His goal is to reach a million people sharing lessons from 1200 plus races around the globe.

Become a Member…

To become an official member of the C&C Runners, email Marion Childress at with your running goals and a brief bio of yourself to introduce you to the team.  Please note that a bio is not required to become a member but please email your interest to join to Marion at the above email address.   Upon receiving your official request, you will receive a welcome letter with your runner ID number and other important information. Your email will not be shared with others.