Our membership is now at 998 runners/walkers and 65 pets and we continue to grow.   

All of our members represent C&C Runners with great sportsmanship and support one another in training and in running races!

WELCOME Our New Member(s) for the months of March and April:


March 2019

  • Ed Anderson (C&C Runner #971)
  • Gretchen Weinnig Beedle (C&C Runner #972)
  • Tim Smith (C&C Runner #973)
  • Tucker Engle (C&C Pet #62)
  • Koa Engle (C&C Pet #63)
  • Philip Stinson (C&C Runner #974)
  • Paul Tulou (C&C Runner #975)
  • Robyn Duncan (C&C Runner #976)
  • Christy Horton (C&C Runner #977)
  • Mandy Jackson (C&C Runner #978)
  • Jennifer Swiatek (C&C Runner #979)
  • Melissa Wills (C&C Runner #980)

April 2019

  • Jami Hadden (C&C Runner #981)
  • Michelle Saylor (C&C Runner #982)
  • Christi Combs (C&C Runner #983)
  • Christine Duffie (C&C Runner #984)
  • Dave Gearhart (C&C Runner #985)
  • Wilton Johns (C&C Runner #986)
  • Ron Butler (C&C Runner #987)
  • Alyson Gearty (C&C Runner #988)
  • Sommer Mueller (C&C Runner #989)
  • Amy Alls (C&C Runner #990)
  • Andrew Williams (C&C Runner #991)
  • Lonna McCullen (C&C Runner #992)
  • Teresa Jillian Smith (C&C Runner #993)
  • Max Stallkamp (C&C Runner #994)
  • Taylor Huffman (C&C Runner #995)
  • Kate Jackson (Daby) (C&C Runner #996)
  • Noah Smith (C&C Runner #997)
  • Gracie Grider (C&C Runner #998)


Complete Membership Roster

Our membership is growing and growing.  We have team members local and out-of-town and some are even in other countries.  Check out our team roster.

C&C Runners Serving Our Country:

We are proud to have several members who have or are serving our country.

Runners in Other Countries

Also, we have members running in other countries representing C&C Runners.

Mayor of Running

Mayor of Running, Bart Yasso (C&C Runner 415),  is also a member of the C&C Runners team.  His goal is to reach a million people sharing lessons from 1200 plus races around the globe.

Become a Member…

To become an official member of the C&C Runners, email Marion Childress at with your running goals and a brief bio of yourself to introduce you to the team.  Please note that a bio is not required to become a member but please email your interest to join to Marion at the above email address.   Upon receiving your official request, you will receive a welcome letter with your runner ID number and other important information. Your email will not be shared with others.