Our membership is now at 1,574 runners/walkers and 186 pets. We continue to grow locally and worldwide. We are proud to celebrate our 92veterans that are in the membership along with 86 champions that inhabit the C&C Hall of Fame, a home for our Champions. Congratulations!!!  

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Alphabetical Team Roster

All of our members represent C&C Runners with great sportsmanship and support one another in training and in running races!

WELCOME to our new member(s)

December 2022
Susan Shipps (C&C Runner #1556)
Rhonda L. Martinez (C&C Runner #1557)
Katie Gilbert (C&C Runner #1558)
Jaime Johnson Bunker (C&C Runner #1559)
Gina Thomson (C&C Runner #1560)
Skye Thomson (C&C Runner #1561)
Daniel Danko (C&C Runner #1562)
Peggy Garland (C&C Runner #1563)

January 2023
Dominique Rose (C&C Runner #1564)
Chepo Keter (C&C Runner #1565)
Sara Neal (C&C Runner #1566)
Stephanie Hubbard (C&C Runner #1567)
Colleen Poole (C&C Runner #1568)

February 2023
Shelby Dixon (C&C Runner #1569)
Tammy Vasquez (C&C Runner #1570)
Sonu Paudel Lamichhane (C&C Runner #1571)

March 2023
Ryan McClanahan (C&C Runner #1572)
Simran Lamichhane (C&C Runner #1573)
Tommy Mason Jr. (C&C Runner #1574)

C&C Runners Serving Our Country:

We are proud to have members who have or are serving our country.

Runners in Other Countries

Also, we have members running in other countries representing C&C Runners.

Mayor of Running

Mayor of Running, Bart Yasso (C&C Runner 415),  is also a member of the C&C Runners team.  His goal is to reach a million people sharing lessons from 1200 plus races around the globe.

Become a Member…

To become an official member of the C&C Runners, email Marion Childress at with your running goals and a brief bio of yourself to introduce you to the team.  Please note that a bio is not required to become a member but please email your interest to join to Marion at the above email address.   Upon receiving your official request, you will receive a welcome letter with your runner ID number and other important information. Your email will not be shared with others.

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