Our membership is now at 1,511 runners/walkers and 160 pets. We continue to grow locally and worldwide. We are proud to celebrate our 88 veterans that are in the membership along with 82 champions that inhabit the C&C Hall of Fame, a home for our Champions. Congratulations!!!  

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Alphabetical Team Roster

All of our members represent C&C Runners with great sportsmanship and support one another in training and in running races!

WELCOME to our new member(s)

April 2022

Mike Downey (C&C Runner #1463)
Nanci P. Downey (C&C Runner #1464)
Terry Baucom (C&C Runner #1465)
Craig M. Miller (C&C Runner #1466)
Kimberly Caldwell (C&C Runner #1467)
Lynn Muhammad (C&C Runner #1468)
Simon Multer (C&C Runner #1469)
Melissa Lin (C&C Runner #1470)
Frank Li (C&C Runner #1471)
Kathy Painter (C&C Runner #1472)
William Ferris (C&C Runner #1473)
Ethan McCorkle (C&C Runner #1474)
Margarita Cubas (C&C Runner #1475)
Todd Schlecht (C&C Runner #1476)
Patty Nowak (C&C Runner #1477)
Kim Jackson (C&C Runner #1478)
Messiah Lockett (C&C Runner #1479)
Treshaun Lockett (C&C Runner #1480)
James Lockett (C&C Runner #1481)

May 2022

Karly Arrington (C&C Runner #1482)
Jackie Davis (C&C Runner #1483)
Krissy Martin Friedhoff (C&C Runner #1484)
Cheyenne Strickland (C&C Runner #1485)
Nathaniel Wooden (C&C Runner #1486)
Andres Avila Siabatto (C&C Runner #1487)
Laurette Martin (C&C Runner #1488)
Katie McAllister (C&C Runner #1489)
Trent Martin (C&C Runner #1490)
Patricia Boyd White (C&C Runner #1491)
Jason Dove (C&C Runner #1492)
Linda Turner (C&C Runner #1493)
Russell Smith (C&C Runner #1494)
Emerald Downey (C&C Runner #1495)
Helen Woodward (C&C Runner #1496)
Wendy Craft (C&C Runner #1497)
AJ LaBarbera (C&C Runner #1498)

June 2022

Holly Settles (C&C Runner #1499)
Tracie Williams Sugden (C&C Runner #1500)
Dan Werner (C&C Runner #1501)
Randall Holt (C&C Runner #1502)
Marie Antoinette Ward (C&C Runner #1503)
Cathy Jezowski (C&C Runner #1504)
Ram Lamichhane (C&C Runner #1505)
Sonia Avila (C&C Runner #1506)
Clark Kent (C&C Runner #1507)

July 2022
Heather Hahn (C&C Runner #1508)
Carla Cross (C&C Runner #1509)
Karen Sayers Capozzi (C&C Runner #1510)
Heidi Flowers (C&C Runner #1511)

C&C Runners Serving Our Country:

We are proud to have members who have or are serving our country.

Runners in Other Countries

Also, we have members running in other countries representing C&C Runners.

Mayor of Running

Mayor of Running, Bart Yasso (C&C Runner 415),  is also a member of the C&C Runners team.  His goal is to reach a million people sharing lessons from 1200 plus races around the globe.

Become a Member…

To become an official member of the C&C Runners, email Marion Childress at with your running goals and a brief bio of yourself to introduce you to the team.  Please note that a bio is not required to become a member but please email your interest to join to Marion at the above email address.   Upon receiving your official request, you will receive a welcome letter with your runner ID number and other important information. Your email will not be shared with others.

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