Hall of Fame


Purpose: It is a hall that lists our teammates who are champions not by vote but by their proven wins in the sport of running. The hall marks their fame, recognizing their skill, athletic accomplishments as well as hard work in our great sport.

We are proud to have85members in the C&C Runners Hall of Fame.   To qualify for the C&C Runners Hall of Fame you must be the overall winner at a race or be the first male/first female winner at a race.  The masters count also if a male or female is first in gender overall.  If you meet this criteria and your name is not on the list, please email Marion Childress at marionchildress@yahoo.com to have your name added with the year/name of the race.

Congratulations to all our C&C Runners Hall of Fame members!

Note:  If your name is listed, please help us to update our records by sending your name and year/name of race that made you eligible for this great recognition to candcrunners@gmail.com.

Revised: May 25, 2022

Year – Race Name
LizAckley6532017-Spooky Spirit
ElleAgee6502017 – Salem Half Marathon
ScotBellavia604South Bend
Maria Bocanegra5602015 – Montvale 5 Miler
JamieCapaldo7922019 – Charity 5k
BrentCarter6702021- Grandin Court 5k
SheldonCash6512018 – Mt Kingdom Run 5k
DavidCheromei887MMM CR with a 35:48-2016
GreggDean1356Run for Justice
HarperDillon2332016 – SML Oktoberfest
AlexisDiSilvestro11272017 – Super Hero Race 5k
EricDuncan13602021 -Several Track Meets record holder of the 2 mile race – Faith Christian School
TyreeEllison13732022- Backpack 10k
FrankFinch62014 – Salvation Army Red Kettle 5K
Emily JamisonGrantham8152022 Cloudsplitter 100/50k
WendyGrider4442019 – Into the Darkness 4 Miler
EmileeHall7262018 – Salem 8K
JeffHarrington18Race 13.1
TimHayes1712019 – Backpack Run 10K
J. AndrewHolbrook4302008 – Plateau Gobbler Gallop 11K
ShannonHonaker12622022 – Backpack 8 miler
HarryHudson12602020 – Jaunt for Justice 5K
AlfredoHuerta2442019 – Great Goblin Gallop 5K
Andreia BrieJackson612014 – Winterfest 10 Miler
MikeJones11182022 – Galax Run 10k
Mark Joyce62
PriscillaKeller6472021 Grandin Court 5k
RachelKeller442002 – Fincastle 10K
Abraham K.Kibware866Record Holder at the Salem Distance Run 10k
SusanKilby9302022 – Sandman MLK 5K
DanielKolasa3482021 – Fit Farmer 12k Trail Run
DavidKiser7092021-Run Hatteras Summer 5k series
EdLane10252019 – Memorial Day 10K
LeiaLautzenheiser 357
PaulLenkowski3372019 – RVCS 5K
SaraLloyd1022017 – Salem 8K
HelenMacDermott 6282019 – Hospice Hustle Half Marathon
JoshMills899 2021 – SOVAH 5K
JimmyMoore342014 – Blue Ridge Veterans Celebration
JulieMoore1942021 Martinsville Half Marathon
Dimple AnekaMozhi559
GregMullen5622017 – Roanoke River 8K
ColinMunsey5002021 Martinsville 5k
CleophasNgetich11002019 – Hokies Half Marathon
KendraNicholson3842018 – Sgt. Thomas E. Larner Memorial 10K
TylerO’Brien106Blue Ridge events, Half and 10k
JosiahOliver8Spooky Sprint 5k
H. T.Page1541997 – Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic 5K
AndrewParkins10002019 – AEP Festival Run 10K
NatalieDaniels2982016 -Gallop for the Greenways
Nicole BalamsRamsey11762022-19th Annual Grandin Court Baptist Road and Trail Challenge
MariahReed12772021 – Restore Your Sole 5K
PamRickard3211998 – AEP Festival 10K
Robert (Bob)Rimkis265Parkway Brewing Co. 5k
KaitlynRoach12592020 – Salem 5K
KyleRoach12582021- Kingdom Run 5k
RonRogers3182010 – Highlands Spring Chase 15K
KarenSanzo6292019 – Jarmans Invitational Marathon
TampraScales13062022- Smile for LIFE
PhilipSettle4132019 – Tails on Trails 10K
BrianShelor4322018 – Rocky Mount Hill Challenge
JasonShorter80Annie Mae Broyes 5k
JeremySkiff235Winterfest- Bernard’s Landing
SteveSurratt8551979 – Autumn Twosome
Seth CoultonThomas8652019 – Turtles Beast 6.5K
OliverThorum273South Peak
BobbyWalkiewicz1602017 – Blue Ridge Double
Ercilia PereiraWard4832019 – Osprey 10K
CarlyWilkes8532018 – Cross Country Meet
PatrickWoodford15Drumstick Dash 5k
NathanielWooden14862022 – Blue Ridge Marathon
SharonWoolridge1532017 – Buchanan Tri
BartYasso4151998 – Smoky Mountain Marathon

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