C&C Runners Officers

    The following  Teammates are Officers of the C&C Runners Club

Marion D. Childress12987072_1229002970443493_9221735490297935390_n

President & Founder of C&C Runners / C&C Walkers

Marion Childress a Cancer Survivor and is a United States Army Vet 1SG with 23 years of service. He currently works for The Veteran Affairs in Salem VA. He’s been married to Irene for 45 years.Marion has been running for 43 years and racing competitively for 33 years. Marion has a goal of running 1000 races, so far he’s ran 800+ races including  28 marathons and 30 Half marathons. Marion was one of 5 winners of the 2015 Mizuno Power to Inspire Award.

Barry Thornton12987072_1229002970443493_9221735490297935390_n

Officer and Runner #3 of C&C Runners / C&C Walkers

Barry Thornton is a Diabetic and controls his diabetes thru Running, Biking, and Kayaking races all over the Roanoke Valley and surrounding area. He currently works for The Member One Federal Credit Union in Roanoke, VA. Barry has a goal of running 500 races and completing a Duathlon and Tri-Athlon soon.

Michelle P Whittaker12987072_1229002970443493_9221735490297935390_n

Secretary of C&C Runners / C&C Walkers

Michelle Phillips Whittaker, runner #109, is our Secretary Treasurer, she runs races all over the Roanoke Valley and surrounding area with her husband Bill. Michelle began running in 2007 and was an avid runner when she was in the Army Reserves from 1995-2001. In 2007 she began to work as an RN in the Recovery/OR at the VAMC. She has a Master’s degree in nursing education. Michelle has worked at Lewis Gale Hospital and Carilion through the years as a nurse and loves the job and helping patient’s get to their best. She has ran many 5k’s, a few 10k’s, and several half marathons in addition to a full BRM.

Doug Falls

Samuel Lafaye

Jessica Brickey
Jessica started running in August 2011 at Mountain Junkies’ Fab 5k race. Family members invited me the week prior to the race; needless to say, I had not trained. That race was the most physically challenging thing I had completed, but I was hooked, bit by the running bug! I had lost approximately 30-40 lbs. prior to being a runner, and it has helped me lose another 25 lbs.! More than weight, this journey has and continues to be about pursuing an active, balanced lifestyle and continually learning more about and pushing myself to new heights. With my faith in God and the lessons I learn running, I can overcome any obstacle! When I thought the sport couldn’t get any sweeter, I learned about C&C Runners and joined in April 2015 after a few weeks at Fleet Feet’s Tuesday pub runs. I had met Marion a handful of times 2011-2015, but the beauty and the unique nature of this community he founded was undeniable. The social aspect to my running started and has continued to grow ever since! I look forward to spending time with this family as often as I can and love the camaraderie and mission! Jessica Has a Facebook Account and if you’d like to contact her please look her up.

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